When it Comes to Bed Bug Treatments: Heat or Fumigation?

When it comes to picking the right bed bug treatment for yourself, there are a few things to consider before pulling the trigger. There are a few treatment options to go with but really only two that are effective enough to guarantee success. Those two options are thermal remediation or heat and fumigation.

Thermal Remediation/ Heat for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Since the resurgence of bed bugs heat treatments have been thought to be the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Like other creatures on Earth, bed bugs have a thermal kill temperature at which they die with no hesitation. The desired temperature at which all life stages of bed bugs including the eggs die is 125 degrees held for only a minute or so.

With the heat treatment, the idea is to create a convection oven like environment by using commercial heaters and high powered fans. The air temperature is heated up and the fans are used to blow the hot air throughout the home. Everything in the home must be heated to the thermal kill temperature for the treatment to be effective. Due to the fact that the heat must make its way through everything, the treated home will end up looking like a complete mess. A lot of the mess comes from moving clothing and linens around that are in dressers or closets that are packed too tightly. Stacks of clothes and blankets can appear hot externally and actually be under the thermal kill temperature internally. Bed bugs will migrate to these cool spots and that’s why the mess becomes necessary. If your home isn’t a mess or looks tossed around then that’s a sign that the treatment was most likely not performed correctly.

Fumigation for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

In recent years companies have chosen to go with fumigation as their number one treatment option to eliminate bed bugs. Fumigation is the only treatment option for bed bugs that is 100% guaranteed success with a single treatment, one and done. The product used to fumigate for pests like bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents is called Vikane Gas Fumigant. Vikane is an odorless colorless gas that leaves absolutely no residual behind. Vikane Gas Fumigant is developed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States by Douglas Products and is the only product of its kind to be so. For more information about Vikane Gas Fumigant visit www.termitetenting.com.

Fumigation is the process of creating an air tight environment and replacing the oxygen with a gas called sulfuryl fluoride. The home is taped and sealed using special tape around doors, windows, and soffits so that the gas can not penetrate through them. The sulfuryl fluoride moves through everything in the structure like oxygen would guaranteeing that every crack and crevice is treated leaving absolutely zero chance of live bed bugs after the treatment is finished.

There are several companies in the Kansas City area that fumigate but only one that fumigates residential homes for pests like bed bugs and that’s ZipZap Termite & Pest Control located in Pleasant Valley, MO. Their board certified entomologist (expert in insects) who just so happens to be one of the owners, is on site at all fumigation sites to assure that the most effective and successful treatment is performed. There’s no other company in the Kansas City Metro area that can provide the same kind of bed bug success that the Wizards of Pest Control at ZipZap can provide.

Bottom line is that if you do get bed bugs in Kansas City call ZipZap and get your home, car or moving truck fumigated asap so that you don’t have to deal with these little vampires any longer than you have to.


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Pest Wizards

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control is a third generation family owned pest control company that has been trusted to service the Kansas City area for over 20 years. We have a board certified entomologist (BCE) on staff ready to answer all your pest related questions. We offer a wide variety of services from residential and commercial pest control to termite inspections and treatments to bed bug heat and fumigation treatments. We also offer residential and commercial rodent service and radon monitoring. Call us today at 816-407-PEST or email us at zipzap@zipzappestcontrol and we'll take care of what's buggin' you! We are the Wizards of Pest Control and it would be our pleasure to make ALL your pests disappear!

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