Fumigating your car, moving truck or semi cab for bed bugs in Kansas City

As noted in the first post bed bugs are on the rise and will continue to terrorize our communities and infest our homes, businesses, and vehicles. It is important to be aware of these little vampires and be able to identify the signs of bed bugs.

Signs to look out for regarding bed bugs are as follows: if you are noticing bites when you wake up in the morning, it appears like a ball point pen was touched on the seams and corners of your mattress and box spring, and seeing cast skins or live bugs. Bed bugs go through a gradual metamorphose where they shed their skin like a snake as they grow. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat and oval roughly the size of an apple seed.

For years thermal remediation or heat was thought to be the best treatment option to rid your infested structure or vehicle of bed bugs. In the last few years, a number of companies across the United States have moved away from heat as the primary treatment method and started to perform fumigation treatments using Vikane gas.

With the rise of bed bugs in Kansas City, different environments are becoming infested, including cars, moving trucks and semi cabs. This blog post will discuss the importance of getting your truck fumigated and why it’s the best option to prevent these little guys from following you to your final destination.

Why fumigating is your best option to rid your car or truck of bed bugs

Vikane gas has been around and successfully taking care of pests for over 50 years. Fumigating is now the best and most effective treatment method to win your bed bug battle. There is a 100% guarantee that no bed bugs will survive no matter the level of infestation. No other treatment method besides fumigation can provide this kind of guaranteed success. Fumigating is the process of creating an air tight environment and replacing the oxygen with sulfuryl fluoride. Vikane is an orderless, colorless gas that leaves behind no residue or residual and penetrates through everything in your vehicle.

Unlike heat, fumigation leaves absolutely no chance of active bed bugs. With more companies trying to get into heating with a lack of any training or experience many people are losing faith in the effectiveness of heat. Before any company can fumigate they are required to have a fumigation license, which is a specialized license outside the regular pest control license.

When it comes to treating your car, moving truck or semi cab fumigation is truly the only treatment method that makes sense to go with. Everything gets treated without having to move anything or take anything out. You can pack your car or truck with as many items as you want without having to worry about if the treatment will fail or not. When you fumigate your car, moving truck and semi cab you prevent the spreading of bed bugs to your new home/ new apartment, friends/ families homes and workplace.

When we fumigate cars, moving trucks and semi cabs we tent the vehicle enclosing everything in gas, making sure that the entire vehicle inside and out is treated. With tenting there is zero chance of failure because there is nowhere for the bed bugs to go without being exposed to the Vikane gas.

Information about Vikane gas

Vikane is a product owned by Douglas Products. Click the above heading to learn more about Vikane and the process of fumigation.


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